Wiley X Premium Motorcycle Sunglasses

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For over 2 decades Wiley X have been a market leading manufacturer and provider of ballistic eye-wear to armed forces and law enforcement agencies around the globe. The “Climate Control Series” takes the same cutting-edge materials and technology developed for tactical operations in some of the harshest conditions on earth, and folds it into bold and edgy sunglass designs.  This makes them perfect motorcycling.
With key features including durable Triloid ™ nylon frames, shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses and the patented Facial Cavity™ Seal foam gasket, this road-ready collection of shades meets both the practical and style demands of motorcycle enthusiasts with ease. Comfortable, stylish and durable Triloid ™ nylon frames (helmet-friendly)
  • Shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses (protection from bugs and flying gravel)
  • Removable Facial Cavity™ Seal foam gasket (protection from wind, dust and other airborne irritants)
  • Package includes zip case, cleaning cloth and lanyard cord