Roadster 2 Leather Airbag Jacket - improved design

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Updated and Improved Design - Just Released!

It's a beautiful day so you're out on your bike riding through the local countryside - a great day, until .......

A roo comes out of nowhere!!

BANG - you're on  the ground thinking to yourself, what the hell just happened!

It happened so fast you didn't have time to think.

This is the moment you realise you feel a tightness around your chest and realise that your Helite Roadster Leather Jacket has saved you - the airbag worked!

You hesitated before buying the jacket but now realise what a wise purchase it is.

(By the way, the above is a real life event with a Moto Smart customer.  The roo died, my customer got up, dusted himself off and called for help because the bike wasn't ridable  BUT he was was fine!).

The Helite Roadster 2 leather airbag jacket is the motorcycle jacket that has it all and it's now available in Australia.

The highest level of safety without sacrificing style. This 100% full-grain 1.3mm buffalo leather jacket is equipped with Helite's revolutionary airbag technology, which absorbs the impact endured by a rider's upper body and ensures effective dispersion of energy and force.

It now has the cO2 designed into the jacket making it a more streamlined look.

When activated, the patented design of the airbag offers rigid support for the head and neck to reduce the risk of a traumatic brain injury - and it activates in under 100ms! The head and spine will stay fixed in a natural upright position so that neck vertebras cannot be injured by hyperflexion.

The black or brown Roadster leather jacket is also equipped with a SAS-TEC level 2 back protector which acts like a turtle hard shell. The result is increased protection against small objects and full disbursement of force across the surface of the back protector. The airbag itself is expertly integrated into the jacket to create a streamline look.

As far as comfort is concerned, the jacket features a soft collar neck, adjustable waist circumference, and adequate airflow because of the FreeAir mesh ventilation system in armpits and side panels. The Helite Leather Airbag Jacket is perfect for those safety conscious riders with a passion for fashion and style. Each jacket comes with a CO2 cartridge installed and a motorcycle tether for bike attachment.

Key Points at a glance

  • Buffalo leather, 1.3 mm thick
  • KNOX CE-certified shoulder protectors and elbow guards
  • Removable certified SAS-TEC Level 2 back protector
  • Removable liner (100% Polyester) for all year round riding
  • Turtle certified technology, airbag effective in under 100 milliseconds
  • Wrists adjustment
  • Elasticated arms for increased freedom of movement
  • Waist strap
  • Quick and easy replacement (about 3 minutes) of the cO2 canister. To provide a better, more streamlined look, the cO2 canister is hidden in an inside pocket
  • CE Certification - the Roadster is certified by the external laboratory, Alienor Certification, the French specialist for objectively testing personal protective equipment.
  • The Roadster leather jacket is available in black or vintage brown.

Please ensure you use the sizing chart.  FYI, some people order a Helite Jacket 1-2 sizes bigger than what they normally wear as the airbag takes up space inside the jacket causing the size to be different.

NB  If your size is not in stock, delivery takes 2 - 3 weeks
If you want help with sizing call Wayne on 0419 831 373 or email