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You're riding on a road  you know well, you've ridden it many times over the years.  Taking one of your favourite 65 k bends at a comfortable and usually safe 100 kph.   Half way around the bend, you see her.

Grandma has slowed down to 45 k's to take the curve.  You slam on your brakes but the bike starts to drift in gravel that's on the road.  You come off at about  70 kph! 

This is exactly when you're grateful you invested in a Helite Airvest!

Helite airbag technology - the future of motorcycling safety gear is now in Australia!  Helite airbag vests are a helmet for your body!

Helite's patented "Turtle" airbag protection can save you from serious injury or it might even save your life.  You might have all the usual gear on and not have a scratch on you - BUT you have broken bones and injured internal organs because Kevlar and great gear doesn't protect from the impact of hitting the ground, a tree or guardrail!

Already have a great riding jacket? No worries as the Helite "Turtle 2" Airvest is practical, lightweight and discreet and fits over your jacket – you won't even know you have it on. If you ride on the road, off road or on the track and whether you ride a motorcycle ATV or scooter, the vest guarantees premium protection without losing any freedom of movement. And naturally both riders and pillion passengers can benefit

Helite Turtle 2 Airbag advantages:

  • Helite's patented design with an airbag each side connected with a CE2 approved backplate ensures the impact is absorbed and the energy is dispersed 
  • The head strike is delayed and the bran decelerates sooner preventing many traumatic brain injuries
  • The head and vertebrae stay straight in place preventing whiplash injury and hyper-flexion
  • There's also reflective stripes to help make you more visible
  • Helite airbags are mechanical to avoid unexpected deployment and there's no changing of batteries.
  • CE Certification - Turtle 2 is certified by ALIENOR CERTIFICATION, the external lab which is the French expert for objectively testing Personal Protective Equipment

The Helite Turtle 2 AirVest with the new patented 'Turtle Technology' provides direct protection for your:

  • neck
  • vertebrae
  • thorax
  • hips
  • abdomen
  • tailbone

Plus it provides indirect protection for your:

  • head
  • liver
  • lungs
  • pancreas
  • heart
  • collarbone

It is very airy and free under the arms to make sure it easily fits with the jacket you are wearing.  They are also lightweight and robust

Helite vests and jackets are 100% mechanical to avoid unwanted airbag activation and changing batteries

The cO2 cartridge is the only component that needs to be changed in order to reuse the airbag - it takes 2-3 minutes to change!

When you invest in a Helite vest you get:

  • The latest Helite "Turtle technology" CE Certified airbag that fully inflates in 100ms
  • A CE certified (SAS - TEC Level 2) back protector is placed over the airbag as a rigid outer layer like a turtle shell so your whole back is protected
  • One tether for your motorcycle
  • Light, rugged yet easy to use adjustment clips to close the vest (easy to use even with gloves on)
  • One cO2 cartridge. NB this ensures Airbag Deployment in less than 1/100th of a second (100 ms).
  • The new Turtle 2 has 1 exterior pocket  for small objects like a CC card
  • The vest itself is made from high quality textile to resist abrasion
  • Broadband highly reflective stripe across the back for safer night driving
  • Interior textile 3D mesh to maintain good air circulation
  • Large opening underarm for freedom of movement

The Helite Turtle 2 Airvest is available in black or high viz. Please note that if your size is not in stock delivery takes 2-3 weeks.

Refer to our sizing guide button on this website to get the right size vest for you.  Please remember to have your jacket and riding gear on when taking your measurement. If you have any difficulties or you have additional sizing questions call us at +61 8 8339 6781 or e-mail info@motosmart.com.au

NB   Please note that if your size is not in stock delivery takes 2-3 weeks

       There is an insured postage and handling fee calculated at the checkout

If you want help with sizing call Wayne on 0419 831 373 or email wayne@motosmart.com.au