Helite Testimonials


How do you survive this?  

Have a Helite vest on!

Read this testimonial from a 74 year old rider who has been riding for decades.

"This vest probably saved my life!

A year ago at the National BMW Rally my wife and I each bought a Helite airbag vest.  I thought they were expensive but my wife thought they were the best invention since sliced bread!  You wonder if you ever know if it really works.  After all, since the 80’s we’ve ridden thousands and thousands of miles without incident. Accepting the fact that I am aging,75 this year, I traded my BMW for a Can Am last fall.  The stability was great and how can you argue with reverse gear!  I am an All The gear All The Time kind of rider and so, in spite of three wheeled stability, I continued my full suited habits including my new expensive, who knows if it works, vest! So last Friday July 29 2016 no one was more surprised than me when a woman pulled out in front of me as I was cruising at a comfortable 55mph on a state highway not 15 minutes from home.

With less than a second to respond I admit that I cannot remember what happened next.

My next recollection is of the First responders faces talking to me.   Witnesses said I had taken to the air off the bike and over the car and was flat on my back a ways down the road.

The Can Am is totally smashed but the only mark on my equipment was a scrape on the cartridge pocket a serious crushed abrasion on the back of my helmet.

I believe I landed on the back of my head.  The landing would have killed me but for the stabilizing effect of that GREAT vest.

No broken bones – I admit that I am sore all over and I have a concussion to care for but this turned out to be the investment of a lifetime!

Thanks for this wonderful equipment.  All the gear all the time!   And don’t forget your Helite airbag – words to live by"!

James Rasmussen, Lifetime BMW MOA Member, Miltona Minnesota


American Rider testimony received February 7th, 2017

"Just wanted to write and let you know what a great product you have.

I ride a 2011 BMWR1200GSA and was riding to work yesterday down the same road I have for the last 20+ years. It had rained really good the night before and the road was wet, but nothing to really worry about (or so I thought). I was in the right hand lane (two lanes going my direction) and I had just moved over to the left side because there was a big Snap-On Tool Van merging onto the highway and I wanted to give him room. Just as I got past his front bumper and going about 55mph, the bike started fish-tailing right to left. I tried steering into the skid and let off the gas a little trying to calm the wobbles, but they just got bigger and bigger and on about the eight one, the bike went to the right and I was pitched out to the left, off the bike (high-side).

I didn’t have any time to think what was going on; next thing I knew, I hit the highway pretty hard with the left side of my head and shoulder and was sliding down the road! I started feeling a “burning” sensation on my left thigh and rolled onto my back before coming to a stop by the side of the rode. Nothing hurt and I immediately stood up, but had a hard time moving my neck and arms! Then I realized that my Helite Vest had gone off and that was keeping my head and neck secure! I just felt the pressure all around my torso and realized it had protected my head / neck / spine / ribs / hip during the fall. Long story short, the guy in the Snap-On Tool Van stopped right behind me to block traffic and helped me pick up the bike (it had come to a stopped about 20 feet down the highway on it’s left side). I moved to to the side of the rode, gave the bike and myself the "once over” and realized that we both were in working condition! I picked up the broken wind deflector and left front turn signal, dusted myself off, gave the bike a quick look for any leaks, breaks, missing parts. I thanked the Snap-On driver for stopping and started up the bike and rode to work for a meeting (and I was only 3 minutes late!).

I can not tell you how impressed I was with the vest… I didn’t even realize it had gone off until I had stood up and tried to move! It inflated in a nanosecond and I now know why my back and ribs don’t hurt! Also, after looking at the abrasion on the left side of my helmet, I can honestly say that with out the vest and the way it secured my head and neck so quickly, I would not have been going to work in the Emergency Department, but I could have easily been one of the patients that morning! Thanks for making one outstanding piece of riding gear and I’ll be telling all my friends what piece of gear they really need to be wearing!"

Ray D, RN

Chao Li from Rockdale in Sydney came off his bike recently ......

This is very embarrassing, I've suffered a much more serious crash this time, and I'd thought you will be interested in hearing the experience. I was on a road trip in Tasmania and I ran wide at 80km/h, due to typical target fixation. I low-sided and tumbled off the road onto very rocky terrain. Aside from the luck of not hitting any tree or other vehicles, I have to give credit to this airbag. I walked away from this accident with no injury at all. I did have some pain in my limbs, even though they were protected by padding as well. But on my body, I didn't feel any pain, I felt no stress on my neck during the whole incident, it was supported really well by the airbag. I have attache some photo that I took after the accident. I've also got the crash recorded on gopro. I'm happy to send that too you once insurance pulls through. Thank you!


Another GS rider walks away from serious injury thanks to Helite airbag protection .......

"Last Friday August 7th, an elderly woman barrelled past a stop sign and T-boned me, full on. The right side of my bike's engine and my knee took the full initial impact.

Instantly the bike flipped to the left and smacked me on my back and I cartwheeled across 3 lanes and then smacked into a fire hydrant.

Thanks to your product I never lost consciousness - your Helite vest at the very least saved me from serious injury, quite possibly my life.

For good measure I was collared, placed on a backboard and taken to the local hospital trauma clinic as they treated my "fractured neck" on the call.

Nobody could believe the old lady's four wheel drive or my bike - she had kept going a bit pushing my broken bike under the car.

Folks again, because of the Helite vest my helmet was hardly scratched - when I was slammed onto my back the airbag deployed and the back of my helmet bounced off the collar.

The ER Trauma Doctor credits the vest with saving me from serious whiplash, potentially a snapped neck severe concussion or TBI.

Thank you Helite for such an incredible product It should be required for every rider! Loud pipes don't save lives, your product does!!"

Denver Colorado


"Yesterday, I was rounding a turn in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A gust of wind hit me and I overcompensated, straightening me up and sending me off the road at around 40mph. As I left the bike, the vest deployed exactly as designed. After bouncing along the ground, I got up completely unscathed, save some grass stains.

I‘ll definitely be recommending your Turtle vest to everyone on a bike. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks for making such a great product"!

Brian G.


"Good news and bad- I ditched the bike and slid  after clipping a car at 40MPH and triggered the jacket- which worked perfectly and I got up and shifted the wreckage myself! Not a mark on my upper body (leg got a bang but nothing broken). No stiff neck, helmet was held perfectly even though I tumbled a bit.

10 out of 10- the bystanders and police who responded couldn't believe it. (We needed the police cos I ride a GS and it killed the car which  blocked the road)
The vest has a little  abrasion damage to the cartridge cover flap but otherwise looks fine. "

PH, Manchester


"On December 7, 2014, my Helite Airnest paid for itself many times over by protecting me when I went down on a freeway at close to 50 miles per hour. I was thrown from my bike, landed hard on my side, then on my back, and then slid before coming to a stop where I easily stood up (to the amazement of motorists who had stopped).

As a testament to how well my Airnest Vest protected me, I immediately walked away, and the only first aid I needed was a Band-Aid on one knee. I better appreciated the force of the impact 24 hours later, when I developed 1 to 2 square feet of bruising that took 2 weeks to clear up. The majority of this bruising was in the areas not protected by the Airnest. I have since surveyed my extensive protective gear, and although every piece helped and shows evidence of some impact, the Airnest vest was instrumental in protecting the critical torso area. Most importantly, when I was checked out the next week, I had no neck or whiplash injuries. Surprisingly, the vest shows little abrasion damage despite cushioning me as I slid on my back down the freeway.

I have since spoken to a friend who has the unusual background of auto racing as well as rehabbing spinal cord injury patients. He is very impressed with the multiple ways the Airnest protects a rider, and it is very clear to him that at the very least, the Airnest saved me from significant road rash and likely saved me from additional significant injuries.

I have to say that the Airnest is the best investment I have ever made."

John Wagner, San Diego, CA

From a UK rider .... 

"Really just replying with a quick note to say the Jacket is excellent. I have just returned from a new year’s trip touring in the Scottish Highlands. As expected it was really wet, the wind chill was massive, the roads were flooded, the rain hardly stopped, there was the odd bit of snow at the peaks and freezing fog thrown in too. 
The Helite Jacket surpassed expectations of waterproofness, I remained warm and importantly dry to the core for the entire trip. This included a couple of 500+ mile days with constant driving rain for the entire duration. There was enough adjustability in all the jacket straps to layer up underneath and the waterproof pockets are definitely waterproof!. During the evenings the Jacket was also easy dried out ready for the next days riding. 
Overall it is a great jacket with the added bonus of the Air vest technology. Will definetely recommend to friends."



"Last Christmas my caring wife bought me an inflatable motorcycle jacket for added protection. The cool thing is the vest fits over a normal motorcycle jacket and is virtually unnoticeable except for the lanyard that attaches to the motorcycle. I am an ex motocross racer who was forced to retire after I ripped my knee apart. However I started riding motorcycles again 8 years ago and have loved my daily commute to work and weekend rides with friends. It didn't take long to put my newest accessory to the test. Whilst commuting to work one morning a car made an illegal u-turn right in front of me, before I knew what was happening I was lying on the floor after being body slammed into the car in question. I looked down and noticed that my inflatable jacket had deployed as designed and I had minimal injuries of which I should have had several broken ribs and severe whiplash, I sustained a damaged shoulder and medium case of whiplash. I know it is an expensive bit of kit but it was worth every penny and I can't recommend it highly enough, just a pity my bike wasn't wearing one as it was a write off!   Regards"

JW, London