Our story

Welcome to Moto Smart.

W love motorcycles but lets face it, motorcycles are a huge amount of fun BUT also they are also potentially dangerous.  At Moto Smart we offer a range of top quality products each with a focus of safety and comfort for the motorcyclist. 

Being safe on a motorcycle doesn't just mean having a good helmet, jacket and boots.  Hospital wards (and unfortunately even cemeteries) have people in them who had a good helmet and jacket on.  The usual safety gear protects you from abrasion injury.  What protects you from impact injury? 

We searched the globe and found state of the art  airbag technology in the Helite range of vests and jackets. Helite has great products that are potentially life saving and they are constantly exploring new ideas and ways to improve their already excellent products.  We are the Australian distributors of the Helite brand for motorcyclists.  TAll Helite airbag vests and jackets are CE approved, reusable and inflate in under 100ms.

Please have a look through our shop and you'll see we have more than Helite - things like Ventz rider cooling system and Alpine Ear plugs and more.

 Remember ride safe - ride smart!