Become a Helite Distributor

Are you a motorcycle accessories retailer?

Worldwide, there's been over 95,000 Helite airbag vests or jackets sold and Australia is the next place to boom!!

I am looking for distributors and retail outlets for Helite throughout Australia. 

As you no doubt know, Motorcycling safety is a hot topic.  Helite’s airbag technology is the latest in motorcycling safety.  Our patented “Turtle design” is a breakthrough in safety for bikers.  A CE2 Approved back plate joins the two side airbags creating what looks like a Turtle's back. This means far greater protection.  

Also, Helite:

  • Deploys in under 100ms
  • Is reusable – you can be back on the road in minutes
  • Is CE approved
  • Is a helmet for your body

 Abrasion protection is not enough.

Helite protects the riders:

  • Front of body including ribs, chest and vital internal organs
  • Back of body including the vertebrae and internal organs
  • Your neck plus it indirectly protects your head by delaying impact to the ground


Helite offers a range of wearable airbag products including:

  • Airvests that fit over a rider’s current jacket
  • Touring/Adventure jackets with built in airbag
  • Vented summer jackets with built in airbag
  • Our GP Air vest is designed for track use and is the fastest mechanical airbag system on the planet
  • Leather Jackets with built in airbag 
  • A leather jacket especially designed for women with built in airbag (XENA)

 Check out the testimonials on our website ( plus they are all over the internet.


Contact me and I can explain the great deal we have for Helite distributors - get in at the ground level.

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