About Us - The Moto Smart story

Welcome to Moto Smart.

At Moto Smart we offer a range of top quality products each with a focus of safety and comfort for motorcyclists.

In late 2015 I was riding in the Adelaide Hills with a mate when he came off right in front of me at about 65 kph.  Long story short - he broke two ribs, punctured his lung and broke his shoulder in two places and had to have a metal plate surgically put in place.  After several months recuperation, he has now sold the bike and has given up motorcycling.

This got me thinking ... what's new for motorcyclist safety these days? Especially protection from "impact injury".

We then searched the globe and found state of the art airbag technology in the Helite range of vests and jackets for motorcyclists. Helite has great products that are potentially life saving and they are constantly exploring new ideas and ways to improve their already excellent products.  (I believe that if my friend had being wearing a Helite airbag vest he would have gotten up and walked away - albeit a little shaken but not having the serious multiple injuries).

What protects YOU from impact injury?

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