What it really costs when you come off a motorcycle - and its more than just money!

What it really costs when you come off a motorcycle - and its more than just money!

Nobody plans to off a motorcycle, but hey, sh*#! happens!
When you come off your bike it costs you various forms of “currency”.  I’ll use an example of a friend of mine – let’s call him John.
I was riding through the Adelaide Hills with John on a cool but sunny winter’s Friday.  He was in the lead when he misjudged a curve, hit the uneven edge of the road and suddenly, he was bouncing along the road. There was significant damage to him and the bike.
He was doing about 65 k’s so speed wasn’t an issue.
The road surface was good, so that wasn’t an issue.
The weather was good, so that wasn’t an issue.
Even after years of riding, he simply made a dumb mistake.  A momentary lapse of focus cost him dearly.

The outcome of this minor incident ……

First of all, it’s worth noting that he didn’t have a scratch on him because he had all the usual gear on – helmet, jacket, bike jeans, gloves and boots.  Three doctors commented on the fact he had no abrasion injury.
BUT, even with all the gear on he:
  • Broke two ribs
  • Broke his collarbone in two places and
  • Punctured a lung.
So what did this cost him?

The three “currencies” John paid with (and everyone will pay after an accident) were:

  • Money
  • Lost time
  • Pain
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Most people only think of the money but the other two are as important or arguably even more important.
Let’s start with John’s pain.

He had lots of it.  Initially, he was in shock that neither he or I recognised.  He got up after a couple of minutes downplaying his injuries and simply complained about a sore shoulder.  Within a couple of hours, he was on morphine!
The pain continued for the next few days in hospital and then for the next few weeks and on and off for the next few months!
Broken ribs hurt (I can testify to that!). 
A broken collarbone hurts as well (ask John!).  He now has a permanent plate in there but it was painful for weeks afterwards.
As for a punctured lung, this not only hurts, but makes breathing difficult – especially combined with broken ribs.
Side note ……
Over the past 3 years I have been selling Helite, I have been (unpleasantly) surprised at the number of people who have sustained internal injuries when they come off their bike – punctured lungs and damaged spleens are not uncommon.  Wearing a Helite Airvest prevents these types of injuries – check https://motosmart.com.au/collections/all-products-1

That’s enough about pain – the next “currency” is time.

In all, John took 9 months to totally heal.  He was 64 when he came off, so maybe age was a factor but how many motorcyclists are over 50?  Heaps!!  I mention in my Helite demonstrations that if you are over 40, you don’t “bounce” as well as when you’re 20.  Maybe 20 years ago, you would have just got up, but now?
Part of why it took months for John to heal was that the break in his collarbone was problematic.  He had to have a few months of physio as well as a Personal Trainer doing exercises to build his strength again.
Luckily, he was retired. 
Imagine if he wasn’t.
How much time off work would he have had to have?  At least several weeks.  If you are still working, what would happen if you had to have say, 8-10 weeks off work because you came off your bike?  How would you and your family cope with the potential lack of income for a couple of months?
At this point, I will also point out that John is now an advocate for Helite.  Why?  He and I both believe that if he’d been wearing an Airvest or Jacket, his injuries would have been significantly less – even minor.  Check out https://motosmart.com.au/

Now, the third “currency” – money.

Thankfully, John had top level private health cover BUT ….
He was still nearly $3,000 out of pocket!
There were many hidden extras like the twice weekly Personal Trainer sessions which weren’t covered at all and the gap payments for regular Doctor and Physio appointments mounted up.
So there you have it.  The three costs of having a motorcycle accident BUT luckily you can reduce your risk significantly.
Visit https://motosmart.com.au now. 
Stop procrastinating.  Don’t wait till after you or a mate has an accident, call me on 0419 831 373 with any questions.

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