Are you as frustrated about motorcycle injuries as I am?

Are you as frustrated about motorcycle injuries as I am?

7 motorcycle fatalities this year in SA where I live and looks like 10 in NSW and 15 in Victoria (I got these stats from various sources on the net so I assume they’re correct).  A rider died yesterday afternoon at Kersbrook in the Adelaide hills, a well-known motorcycling area.  It seems this 24-year-old rider lost control and hit a guard rail when he came off.  He died instantly.

 Here’s some sobering facts but does it have to be like this?

 4.5 per cent of all Australian passenger vehicle registrations are motorcycles and about 0.9 per cent of vehicle-kilometres travelled. However, motorcycle riders account for approximately 15 per cent of all road crash deaths and an even higher proportion of serious injuries.

Per distance travelled, the Australian rate of motorcyclist deaths is approximately 30 times the rate for car occupants.

The corresponding rate for a serious injury is approximately 41 times higher. Similar elevated rates are also found in other developed countries.

Over the last five years, the number of motorcyclist deaths has increased at an average annual growth rate of 3.6 per cent. Car driver deaths have increased at an annual rate of 0.4 per cent. Over the last ten years, counts of single vehicle crashes involving a motorcyclist death have grown at around 4.9 per cent per year.

Remarkably, nearly 20 per cent of motorcyclists killed do not have a valid motorcycle licence! Plus, 10 per cent were not wearing a helmet and 20 per cent were wearing an incorrectly fitted helmet. WTF!!

When did it become OK to ride without a licence?

Why do some people choose to not wear a helmet? 

There’s no stats on this but my guess is that many fatalities and serious injuries from motorcycle accidents also have few abrasion injuries.  Why?  Because most of us, at least most of the time, wear gear that protects us from abrasion injury and gravel rash.

Abrasion injury hurts but it doesn’t usually kill you.

But what about the impact with the road? 

What if you hit a guard rail with your back after coming off at say 100kph?  (Like the Kersbrook crash).


What if you hit a tree with your chest at 75kph?

What if a car hits you?


The reality is that serious injury or worse is usually the result of hitting something like a tree, the road or a guardrail.


This is what I am frustrated about!!

10 years from now virtually every Aussie motorcyclist will wear an airbag of some sort -  not because it is compulsory - they'll wear an airbag because it just makes sense!! 

It is going to happen here because it already is overseas – it’s not compulsory but more people are seeing that it just makes sense.

Decades ago people never wore seatbelts in cars – now everybody does.    

Take yesterday’s fatality at Kersbrook.  Who knows for certain, but what if this rider was wearing an Airvest or Air Jacket?

As I said, who knows for certain, but hitting a guard rail is the sort of impact Helite protects you from.  At the very least it puts the odds more in your favour.

Another frustration I have ………

If I hear “I don’t plan to come off” once more I think I’ll scream because I hear it a lot! 

Nobody plans to come off.  

Nobody plans to end up in hospital or the morgue.  

Sure, some of us enjoy the element of risk that motorcycling brings with it but what’s the harm of putting the odds a little bit more in your favour by wearing an Airvest?


My personal aim is to make a positive difference to motorcycling safety in this country.  The main way I do this is through Moto Smart and promoting Helite airbag technology.



It works.

Have a look at the testimonials at

What about the hidden costs of a bike crash?

  • Time off work and lost income.
  • Pain
  • The distress your spouse and kids go through
  • All the cost of extra physio, scans, surgery, personal trainer to get your shoulder (or whatever) strong again, etc
  • All the time that specialist and other appointments take up


There’s heaps of hidden costs of a bike crash.  It can take weeks or even months to fully recover.  It took 9 months for a friend of mine to fully recover from coming off at about 65kph just because of the way he fell and what he hit.  Interestingly, he didn’t have a scratch on him BUT had a punctured lung, two broken ribs and a broken collar bone (he wasn’t wearing Helite!).


Will wearing a Helite prevent all injury? 


No, but as I’ve said, it puts the odds in your favour. 


Helite makes an Airvest or Air Jacket to suit every type of rider and style of motorcycling. 


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Ride motorcycles – wear Helite!

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